DWS Recommends Max 5v/1A

So I ordered a replacement neopixel Proffie core from Dark Wolf Sabers (Proffieboard neocore v2.2). They recommend not using a charger that outputs more than 5v/1A. The Proffie board knows to only draw it’s maximum, correct? So I shouldn’t need to worry about using my 15w USB A charger?
@profezzorn you mentioned that the board should only draw what it can handle in another post. Are the saber vendors just trying to err on the side of caution?

I’m not sure I can answer that question, because I don’t know how their sabers are wired. Most sabers require a battery charger which outputs 4.2 volts instead of 5. The DWS saber might have an internal charger circuit, but I don’t know what it can and cannot do.

The Proffieboard should be able to handle up to 5.5v, so it should be fine either way.

Finally, there is no charger in the world that can push more amperes into a circuit. A charger can put in less current, but not more. If you have a 5V/1A charager and the circuit tries to draw 2A, then what happens is that the voltage will drop and the current will stay at 1A. If you connect a 5V/100A charger to the same circuit, it’s going to draw 2A.

That 1A limit might be useful to protect a circuit or battery from overheating, which could be why DWS recommends it.