Dumb question about battery size and decorative dummy battery

I today saw some decorative battery replacements as a stand in. So here is the dumb question. Whats the smallest battery you would suggest running a proffie off of in a non bladed/ blade plug configuration. AKA 15 to 40 neos. as accent lights and the connector lights.

fun idea… dummy battery shell to adapt a small battery like say a 14500 or something. where as you get more details for like a removed chassis display or cosplay without blades. Of cousre you dont want to store batts long term and you should use a full size battery for all day fun. even without blades.

Well, I have a 14250 in my thermal detonator…

When it comes right down to it, there are two things that limit the size of the battery:

  1. maximum current draw
  2. average current draw (runtime)

For the maximum current draw, the battery has to be able to produce 30mA per neopixel (if they are 5050 pixels), plus about ~2A for the board itself. So 40 pixels would require ~4.4A peak current.

The average current draw depends heavily on how the board is configured, how loud it’s playing sound, and what colors are in use. Somewhere around 1/3rd of the peak current might be a reasonable estimate though, so maybe 1.5A for 40 neopixels. So if you have a 1000mAh battery, it would run 40 neopixels for maybe 40 minutes or so, less if you use white colors a lot.

Please note, these numbers are crude approximations, actually measuring will yield much better results.

of course, and your TD doesnt have but a few lights.

Why not just wrap a regular 18650? Seems like a lot of effort for no reason?

Just another way to add details for a chassis. Like I have a gullwing Luke and having more detail in a way you can show it off.

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Just use a wrap that looks in-universe.

I mean somthing that so more in uni