Dooku orientation rotation?

has anyone had success changing the orientation rotation for a dooku/tyrannus curved hilt? gesture controls aren’t working correctly on mine, so I assumed that’s the define I am supposed to enter. thanks.

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The define you want is probably ORIENTATION_ROTATION:

However, The actual value depends on how it’s installed.
Maybe 0,-20,0 or something?

Maybe google ORIENTATION_ROTATION and the name of your hilt/chassis?

I tried. couldn’t find it. it’ll probably just take some trial and error. so, to try that out, I would do this?



If you have DISABLE_DIAGNOSTIC_COMMANDS in your config file, remove that temporarily, then use monitor gyro in the serial monitor. If your orientation define is correct, then you should be able to rotate the hilt around the blade axis and only the X value should really change.

great. thanks. you’ve mentioned the serial monitor to me enough times now that it’s probably about time I learned how to use it, I guess. lol. thanks again.

Using ProffieOS/Proffieboards without the serial monitor is like soldering with one hand behind your back.


okay. fair enough.