Does anyone own the Shtok NeoCree adapter?

I cannot for the life of me get the colours to work right. Even just plain green is washed out compared to a pixel blade. Has anyone dialled in their RGB codes? I would love to get a nice yellow, but it eludes me.

I just dial as close as possible. I think color change has a fine detail selection.

Yeah, might have to do that. I think part of the issue is the red LED is so overpowered you have to dial it way back. Pure green is washed out too. I wonder if dialing that back might help?

Yes if you do in code colors and not use the color change menu, or use fine tuning you can get the colors clearer…or at least closer…this thing is so awesome and bright its just nuts…i think i blinded myself checking it out…lol.

Also it is going to use the red more than green to create yellow. If you have the new in hilt menu…do this…crank the brightness down for the main blade 1 and then its easy to see what color combinations it makes.
I just tried it on my test rig. I worked the base color with the color list available. It calls out the colors. I dig that part.:grin:

Where is this ‘inhilt menu’? Is this a Fett263 v7 feature?

It was in os 6 also. Fett263 ProffieOS6 Edit Mode

Ooooh, you don’t mean in-hilt LEDs. You mean the menu on the hilt you can use to edit the colours!


Also don’t forget, you can fine tune the colors built in, instead of just tapping the button, when you find a close color, hold the button down and rotate and you get a more fine tuned adjustment from that color.

Getting yellow from RGB can totally be a pain, but at least in theory it should be max green and red with no blue. Should definitely make sure you find out what color order its expecting tho. cause RGB BRG BGR RBG GBR GRB makes a pretty big difference, just remember the combos are pretty numerous (though I don’t imagine you have any blades with white sub pixels unless you sought them out).

That said, dialing in colors for tri-cree has ALWAYS been a challenge. That’s why things like KR’s little purple helper board exist, cause getting the right resistor combos can be a PITA. You should try adjusting 1 color at a time, and just adding a couple points at a time (assuming you can power the blade and hook it up to a PC to use the remote) to see if you can dial em in, and then make sure you write down the numbers. I think there is probably even so way you can store them as constants, but my C++ is weak.

Yup. And fine tune is available.

Thanks guys. It was a bit of a ball ache, but I settled on:

Rgb<140,255,0> for yellow (though it’s a really garish bright yellow… probably too much green, but any change and it goes too red)

Rgb<255,150,0> for orange.

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