Do you guys shrink tube over your inline data resistors?

Just curious. I was told that resistors shouldn’t be covered, but in the case of a 1/4w 470ohm data line resistor, is that really something that’s gonna heat up enough to be an issue?

Shrink tube is fine for pixel data resistors.
Reistoring a LED might be different, since they will (in some cases) get more current.

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Cool, that’s what I figured, but I just wanted to double check. Thank you.

I use a clear shrink on resistors because they’ll occasionally break and I can look under the hood without cutting anything.

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That’s good advice.
I wonder if a small circuit board with an SMD resistor on it might actually be more durable than standard through-hole resistors?

I used to abhor covering them up when I did installs. Thinking about it though there’s low load, low heat generated, and honestly if you play or spar it makes sense. Protect things from damage and shorting out. I even see factory built hilts doing this. @LyleStyle with a winner of an idea here. I totally dig you mentioning using clear instead.

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