Do I NEED config.h file for proffie update?

I ordered a mual saber from Saber Theory and was looking through Fett263 (Of course :joy:) and was just wondering if it’s absolutely a requirement to have the config.h file to update/ do anything pertaining to the prop button from Fett263? I’m VERY new to the saber community so please bare with me :sweat_smile:

Could you explain your question more clearly?
What are you looking to do?
Generally speaking, yes, you need to upload a config file that contains all the things you want your saber to have as far as sound and blade animations.

I am wanting to add styles, fonts, etc. to my proffieboard but this is my dilemma—

While reading step 1 of Fett263’s how to proffieboard update, it states “If you received your saber from an installer they should have a copy of your config on the SD card (if not you will want to request)”

What if I’m unable to get my config from the installer but I still would like to update/ add Fett263 prop button to my proffieboard? What’s the best way to go about this?

If you’re able to determine how your saber is wired you can create a new config.h. but I would check you SD card or attempt to get from your installer. If you’re unable to get I would ask in the FB groups to see if anyone is familiar with your particular saber. The config has a lot of information specific to how your saber is wired to run and without that information it is hard to create a config.