Do I need a data resistor in my blade?

The only blades I’ve built personally have been using KR V2 pixel sticks, and there was no additional resistor required inside the blade itself.

Now I’m repairing a blade built by someone else that uses the traditional method of gluing 2 strips together. The blade PCB has a resistor on it.

The amount of glue leftover and some minor damage incurred in the process of removing the PCB makes me just want to use a new one.

My question is, since my data line is already resistored inside my saber(data1), is it necessary to add another resistor up on the new blade PCB?

Nope, no need if you’re only going to use it with sabers you know already have the resistor either on the data pin on the board or on the in hilt pcb

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Ok, that makes sense.

New question then, if it has an SMD footprint, do I need to bridge it? I have a few Shtok V2.5 blade PCBs laying around.

If that’s the case, I might as well just hot air a resistor on.

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Yeah you need to bridge the pads if not using a resistor so if you’ve got resistors might as well put one on. A few in line won’t hurt

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Awesome. Thank you.