Display mode? prop type

Is there a display mode prop type? where it lights up and does random actions so you can have a display stand without powering the saber?

Wouldn’t need to be a prop file.
You could either do it in a blade style by using something like:
Do stuff in there and it repeats infinitely. Use delays to space out whatever effects to show.

You could also put a script in the config file.

This is an example of

struct Script : Looper, StateMachine {
  const char* name() override { return "script"; }
  void Loop() override {
     CommandParser::DoParse("on", nullptr);
     CommandParser::DoParse("clash", nullptr);
     CommandParser::DoParse("clash", nullptr);
     CommandParser::DoParse("blast", nullptr);
     CommandParser::DoParse("blast", nullptr);
     CommandParser::DoParse("blast", nullptr);
     CommandParser::DoParse("blast", nullptr);
     CommandParser::DoParse("lock", nullptr);
     CommandParser::DoParse("lock", nullptr);
     CommandParser::DoParse("off", nullptr);
Script script;

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This does not loop though

It’d be much easier to just do a TransitionLoop<> with TrDoEffects<> chained together, then it’s just a preset you switch to when needed and the saber can run normally on all other presets.

Long term I’ll have an option in the library to chain out effects for things like this.

Edit: Technically, with Alt Fonts and Special Abilities we could build a single preset that demoed 10 styles/fonts and multiple effects all on a large loop. Just need an interface to make chaining it all together user-friendly, but the functionality is all there.

I think “much easier” is quite individual. The snippet NoSloppy posted is much easier to read than big blocks of style code, at least for me.

That’s why I’d build an interface in the library, it allows the user to easily select and build and then the library will document in the style information in plain English along with any special set up requirements for options added.

But until that time, I see your point. My head goes to all the potential we have now, translating for the average user would be the next piece.

@profezzorn How would this be made to loop?

For the purpose of this thread, I could see building a style brings more versatility for sure.
I’m just curious on the script for fun.
It makes for a great automated font tester at minimum.

Just put a while (true) { … } inside the STATE_MACHINE_BEGIN() / STATE_MACHINE_END().

I was thinking more of a stand or display that has more basic set up or a cheaper set up . But proffie 2.2 are super cheap right now especially from china. Basically a display for sabers. also I was thinking more of a switch and random timer. rather than a set “show”.

Yes, thanks. I knew that!

We could randomize or time effects via the style and set any effect as the trigger if it’s done via style code. I’d probably set it in a Special Ability but it could technically be any effect that triggers the initial TransitionEffect, or we set it as a Mode that you enter and exit via a control.