Direct wire USB to Proffieboard

Hello everyone.

I just ordered my first Proffieboard from The Saber Armory this morning. Up to this point I’ve been using Plecter boards in all my builds, but decided to try a Proffie in the next one. In my last saber, I disemboweled a USB cable and connected the wires to a JST plug, so that the saber can be plugged in from the outside:

Of course, this made the board longer and messier, and I am hoping some of the output pads of the Proffieboard can be used to wire directly to USB instead of having to plug into the port. I’ve spent the last few hours trying to find someone trying to do the same thing. Is it as simple as connecting the data lines to the RX and TX on the board? Thanks in advance for your help.

I’m afraid it’s not that simple.
V2 proffieboards do not have exposed USB pads, so you are stuck with either using something that plugs into the proffieboard, or de-soldering the USB connector from the board and attaching tiny wires to the board.

Now, Proffieboard V3 on the other hand does have exposed USB pads, which means that these sort of things will be much easier.

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I suspected as much…thanks for the fast reply!