Dimensions of the proffieboard

I have decided to go a different route to the chassis that I’m gonna use but I need the thickness of the proffieboard, what I found for the proffieboard v2.2 is that it’s L=33.9 W=17.9 and H=3 but I want to confirm.

Depends on where you measure since different components have different heights.

The PCB itself is 1.6mm.
Unfortunately my good calipers have gone missing, or I would take a few measurements.

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is there a scad of the holes for the board on v2.2?

Nos sure.
Should be easy to do though. The holes are laid out on a 0.1" grid, and the diameter is big enough to fit a 1x1mm pin.

Kicad can also export 3d models, it’s tricky to get it to do the components property, but the PCB itself should be easy I think…

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which file is the pcb file?

I’m going to assume you asked “where do I find the kicad file(s)?”

Proffieboard 2.2 page → click on a Proffieboard V2.2 link near the top.

I installed kicad and got the measurements, is the teensysaberv2.kicad_pcb the one that is current??

Should be.
Ignore the filename. :slight_smile:

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