Dim Single-Color LED Despite Programming

I’m not sure if anybody else has had this problem but I’m unable to find anything on the internet.

Essentially, I got around to building my own blade with DIY parts sold by Saberbay. After assembling and wiring everything together, I put it into my saber and things didn’t go as planned.

Despite the fact that the neopixel connector was able to display the correct colors as my coding had told it to do so, it now only appears as a constant red. The moment I insert the blade into the emitter, sections of the blade are lit very dimly in that same red color.

I don’t understand what could’ve possibly gone wrong but the last time I checked my hilt, all the lighting and colors were fine and it’s as if all of a sudden, inserting the blade messed everything up.

Usually this an indication of a power problem.
Either the battery is too weak, not charged, or the wiring has too high resistance.

Perhaps I should’ve taken a closer look at the Proffieboard itself :joy:

Turns out I burned out one of the LED drivers, which explains the inability to display the lighting. I ended up going into the config file and changing the LED power pins to LED 4 and LED 5 as opposed to the original LED 2 and 3.

TL;DR Everything works now, all good :slightly_smiling_face: