Dim rainbow across all blade styles and on hilt-side PCB

V3 board, OS7.8.

Having this odd issue where the blade is just a dim rainbow and it’s this way on all presets and bladestyles. It’s also displaying this on the hilt side PCB. Flame effects and unique ignitions actually show but on a dim rainbow.

Rest of the saber is fine (1 mini-LED strip, 1 RGB CC pixel, OLED, Speakers) minus one other mini-LED strip on switch side.

And this is happening to another concurrent install. Both using recently bought Shtok v3’s (1 longpin, 1 shortpin).

Config:Starkiller - Pastebin.com

Usually this means that you have an RGBW blade, but your saber is configured for RGB, or vice versa.

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D’oh! That’d be it. Forgot I used my Darksaber config (first V3 board install) as base for all my other V3’s. Thanks!

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