Data Issue? Blade not lighting up properly

So I’ve been trying to figure this out to no avail on this thin neck saber. I looked at the thin neck PDF in another post as well as the NPXL manual. The chassis pcb is a Shtok V3 eco with resistors on R1 and R2. That connects to a blade side pcb with a solder bridge on the data with no resistor. The emitter PCB only has 1 resistor.

Everything works as it should in terms of saber functions until I put a blade in. The blade doesn’t light up to it’s full potential which leads me to believe there’s a data issue. Should I remove specific resistors? If so which one?

Video below for reference. Any info helps. Thanks!

Video of Issue

Don’t you need to take off R1 or R2?

With both it’s in v2 mode which runs data in parallel, so both should light up if one does.

I don’t suppose the solder bridge is closed?

Where did you bridge on the PCB? I thought if you’re using the middle pin as a solder point for data, it just works?

I have not removed any resistors. Both Pcbs do light up. When I insert a blade, it doesn’t light.

Data is going into D2 on the chassis Pcb, blade Pcb has the solder bridge from data to resistor with no resistor, then data goes to the D pad on the emitter Pcb.

Should I solder the data to the center pin on the emitter Pcb? Or do I need to remove a resistor?

To my knowledge, the blade-side PDB pad labelled ‘D’ is a direct connection to the data pin. I dont’ think I’ve ever had to bridge anything.

It’s a thin neck, I went off of this. It’s currently in parallel but the blade is not working.

Both pcbs light up, blade not so much

It’s also possible that this is not a data problem.
A poor + or - connection can also cause these sort of flickering problems.

I’ve swapped out all of the pcbs to new ones and it’s the same. Pos and neg connections are solid. It all works fine until a blade is put in.

Hold on…
So does other things stop working when you put the blade in, or is it just that the blade doesn’t work as it should?

Yes, it still all works even with the blade in. It doesn’t short or anything.

Do you think may be the power isn’t getting to it properly? Should I have multiple wires from pos and neg to the emitter Pcb?

Depends on the thickness of the wires.
Best way to know if it’s working is to measure.

For all positive and negative connections I’m using 22awg wire.

I’ve swapped out pcbs to the same result. I’m beginning to think that maybe one of the leds pads isn’t working. I’m going to switch using leds 2 and 3 to 2 and 4 to see if that corrects it.

Could it be an accidental bridge somewhere? Can you get photos of the wiring/soldering?