Custom font sounds low

Hi all

So I made a soundfont and recorded my voice for the quotes but the sound is low. I followed the recommendations from @NoSloppy but the volume if the hum over powers the quotes.

If that’s not showing can I share it via Google Drive?

Isn’t the obvious solution to increase the volume of the quotes?

@Afrojedi send me one. I’ll evaluate my opinion / suggest fix.


^That. @NoSloppy’s input has been amazing w what I did w my custom pack and personalized voice-over.

I think I already have sent it to you but it might be modded

So the problem was he used a headset mic where sibilance and popping made the dynamic range extreme, as well as lack of full range frequencies, as well as a too-loud hum.

Cleaning up with some compression, EQ, and manual edits made them work better, however, you can only make things so good with lacking source material.

A better mic with quiet environment and a pop filter has been suggested.

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Hey I recorded a quote and found that the mic has an echo to it. But it’s a lot better.


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