Custom Audio Files & Font Errors!

Ok so, took my first steps and uploaded a new config (works WONDERFULLY and I’m HYPED) and now I’m looking to make an almost entirely custom blade style AND sound font (I make electronic music, I definitely know the sound design needed for this type of stuff :3)

I tested the waters by replacing the “font1” files of one of the pre-existing sound fonts, renamed it and all (initially had an issue where it wouldnt play at all, but then found the .wav files specifications, mono, 44khz, 16bit, etc), and now it plays, but there’s an error message playing on TOP of the file I put in. I can’t HEAR what the message is considering there’s audio playing over it, but it’s playing otherwise? It says “Error in-” then cuts out.

Any ideas? Anything I might be missing?

ahhhh thank you
Fred you’re a literal godsend