Crystal chamber RGB/Neopixel battery level

Hi folks,
I have a N-Pixel SK Rogue Apprentice V2 saber coming and wanted to designate the always-showing crystal as a power level indicator. Green-Yellow-Red
I hope to get the configurator details from Randy at Korbanth and was interested in how I would go about doing this.
Presumably I’m going to need edit the blade configuration and set the crystal LEDs to be &style_charging in every definition?

Anyone got some pointers?

&style_charging won’t really work on a crystal. You can use my Accent Style builder in the library and just choose “Battery Level (Green > Yellow > Red)” for both ON and OFF behavior or mix and match as you want.

Why wouldn’t &style_charge work on a crystal?
The drawback is that if it doesn’t look good, you can’t adjust it, so a style library style might be better, but it should work.

It’s been forever since I actually used but I thought it was a Bump located on the blade, not a full blade effect.

By the way @Fett263 you may want to add the battery style to the on selection when you have a chanceScreen Shot 2021-10-29 at 9.24.19 AM

OS6 library is already underway and completely new with a ton of new options. I’m not updating OS5 library anymore as it will soon be obsolete.

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The location of the bump is automatically adjusted based on the number of LEDs. If it’s one LED, that’s where the bump is. :slight_smile:

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Ah, good to know.

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