Crystal Chamber PREON (mis)behavior


I have noticed the following behavior, and would like to know whether I can configure something to get rid of it, or it is part of the OS7.

I have a saber which includes a crystal chamber. When I get my blade styles, I get the main blade and the crystal chamber styles for OS7. For the crystal chamber style, I set the OFF behavior to Slow Pulse OFF-ON. This behavior works very well for most blades except the ones which have a long PREON. For example, a long speech by Palpatine. In the main blade, I set the PREON to be either Pulsing or Overload. I do the same for the PREON of the crystal chamber. However, this is where the unexpected behavior (from my point of view) occurs. When I ignite the saber and the PREON starts on the main blade, it either pulses or overloads; the crystal chamber tries to mimic the behavior, and it does for some time. Nevertheless, the PREON is quite long that the crystal chambers seems to enter the PULSE ON period, and it stops mimicking the main blade. When the crystal chamber enters the PULSE OFF period, it resumes mimicking the main blade behavior. Once the saber ignites, everything works like a charm.

My question is whether there’s a way to instruct the crystal chamber to fully stop the OFF behavior once the saber starts the PREON? Or, is this part of OS7?


The crystal blade style is it’s own entity. It’s behavior is not affected by the main blade.
So could you clarify what you expect it to do compared to what it IS doing?

When I ignite the saber, the crystal chamber doesn’t seem to get out of the OFF Behavior while running the PREON (Overload or Pulsing). The two behaviors seem to overlap.

A preon won’t really work with an Off Behavior. Preons are primarily designed to run on a blade expecting that it is unlit until ignition. Mixing with an Off Behavior isn’t really expected.

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@Fett263 Thanks for explanation. Really appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face: I’m new to Proffie and I didn’t know this constraint.

Technically, if you build your own preon you could add a mask layer to cover the Off Behavior so it’s not a constraint. Typical use just doesn’t usually mix them but it’s still possible you’d just have to design it to work that way.

How can I build my own preon?

You can build anything you want here:

@NoSloppy I have seen that site before. Is there any tutorial for it?

Not really.
The style box takes text and the Submit button makes it active. Errors will show above it if something’s wrong.
Submitted styles will appear in the structured view on the right as nested, indented blocks.
Clicking any level of indentation on the right will highlight just that section, all the way down to individual element level.
Clicking on an element on the right will show compatible substitutions in the tabs on the bottom, as well as isolate the element in the text box for manual editing if desired.

“Styles” “colors” and “layers” are interchangable.

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Thanks for the tips. I’ll take a look at it when I have a chance.