Crystal chamber config

Having an odd issue with an accent light (Crytal chamber) not lighting. Im certain it has to do with config but im not having any luck.

On the 1 blade (Main blade with 2 neopixel buttons in series, you can see subblades in the config) work just fine, they light up and everything when connected. The crystal chamber, however, does not, which is not in series, its seperately connected to the proffieboard on DATA2 and LED4/5 (Bridged). Can someone peek at my config and see what I did wrong? its got to be my config, I have proper voltages on all my pads on the cc accent light. Anyways, any help is appreciated! Thank you.

Paste Bin Link: Paste Bin

The config file was too large to post here.

I don’t see anything wrong with the config file.
Why do you think it’s a config file problem?

Well, I’ve double checked my wiring, and even replaced my accent led with a spare, replaced my resistor, im getting proper voltages on each lead at the accent led. I guess I’m just uncertain of the blade config section of the config and thought that was my most likely culprit after checking my wiring.

For clarity, I’ve run the + in parallel with the rest of the + lines, the - went to led4/5 and the data to data2. So again I’m not sure where to look hence my query.

Did you update the config to match the wiring and are you sure that its the config you’re uploading? Post the current config you’re trying to upload.

I just looked through the config that I posted, while not being at home to directly compare the file, it looks like the right config. Three blades defined at the top, at the bottom in the blade config there’s two subblades on LED two and three and a single accent light acting as its own independent blade on LED four and five, data2.

I’ll be home in a few hours to directly compare the config file I’d let you know for sure, but I’m 95% positive this is the correct file.

In terms of matching the config to the wiring, I feel like I matched it to the config. I physically wired the accent neopixel positive line bridged to the rest of the battery positives, negative line directly to LED four and five with a solder bridge and proffi board, and the data line with a 470 ohm resistor directly wired to data2 on the proffie.

Ok, also confirm that’s the config you’re actually uploading, easiest thing is to create a typo, remove the “S” in your first style so it’s “tylePtr”, if it gives you an error when you verify it’s the right config if it doesn’t then you’re uploading a different file, in which case check which config you defined in the .ino and make sure you’re editing the right file.

This is 100% the same file I uploaded, I just verified.

I think I see it, remove this:


you most likely uploaded a config that didn’t have a style for the crystal and it’s been running. If you want this define be sure you read this before adding it back:

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As usual, thank you. This was exactly the issue!

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