Crossguard Sideblades

just a quick question about the length of the blades of the Crossguard. The configfiles mention 26 LEDs. How long do the blades have to be to display all LEDs optimally?

Typically, location-specific effects like drag/melt, clash, lockup etc… are not shown on the quillons, so it mostly wouldn’t matter if they were slightly off number. However, to keep basic ignition and retraction animations correct at least, you do want the LED count to be accurate.
You can use LengthFinder<> to set the correct value in the BladeConfig section for them:

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Thanks for the answer, but I know how many LEDs are in the config file, I just wanted to know how long the blade has to be.

LengthFinder<> shows you how many LEDs are physically in the blade. That way you can edit the config file to match.
That is how many LEDs the blade needs to be.

Most people would just adjust their config file based on the number of LEDs in the blade, not the other way around.