Crazy idea of the day: Ultrasonic Triangulation

I was thinking about stuff from the “better sound” thread: Tips: Better Sound Clarity & Volume for your Saber and I came across some cheap reference microphones on Amazon. That got be thinking about how to build a 3d frequency response chart of a particular enclosure/saber. It occurred to me that triangulating where the mic is might be easier than building something that moves the microphone around into precise locations.

However, then I realized well timed ultrasonic waves could be used for saber triangulation too. The idea is that you place three (or more) speakers on the floor (or stage) around you. These speakers will be emitting precisely synchronized ultrasonic signals. The saber would then have a microphone, and that microphone would use the ultrasonic signals like a GPS to figure out where it is.

It could potentially also be done the other way: Saber emits ultrasonic sound, three microphones figures out where it is.

But maybe ultrasonic sound is bad for you?

Cool, and then…? What does it do with the location info?

It uses it for blaster blocks of course!

Well, it could solve the translation problem. :slight_smile:

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I like this idea…it reminds me a bit of like “sonar” in a submarine to find where things are in a wide location. So ideally this could be used for mapping out what a real saber movement is like in real world applications to fine tune parameters for swings, thresholds, acceleration, patterns, etc…is that the idea here?

Sure, why not? The point of crazy ideas is to see what can be done with them… :slight_smile:

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