Crazy Idea Of The Day - TFT Screen compatibility

First off I’m no programmer so wouldn’t have the foggiest how this would work or even if it would work in the first place.

But I think it might be cool if not slightly mad to have Mini TFT Screen on a saber.

Could be used to play small scenes from certain films we all seem to like😁 or cool animations.

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Which one?

film? or TFT screen?

film wise I was thinking of this

I found this while looking at other stuff and the idea just popped in my head.
it was one of these.

or this.

Not sure about the first display you have there, but the second one seems to be using an SPI interface. This is pretty common for color displays since i2c is generally too slow. (It’s barely fast enough for monochrome displays, and color displays will have 16-24 times more data.) If I remember correctly, it is possible to use a secondary SPI bus on a V2 board, but it’s kind of annoying.

The V3 board however, was designed to have a secondary SPI bus available, so it should be relatively simple to do on a V3 board. V3 boards also have more memory and faster SD card access, which makes manipulating color images much easier.

It’s already on my TODO list to support color displays for tricorders, but it’s probably going to have to wait until after the V3 is launched, and it’s not clear at this time if it will work for V2 boards or not.


I totally understand, it was just one of those light bulb moments so thought I’d stick it up and see if it gained any traction as to if it was something people liked the idea of and if it was possible to do.

it’s great to hear that you’ve added this (or something similar) into the V3 design to make it possible for more complex displays.

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I have a working video display for the tricorders I build. Still working on the code to add more functionality.

Only downside is it cannot decode mp4 or avi so its a lot of time tediously converting the videos for now.

Will be excited to get it working with a v3 when they are out.

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now this i have to see.
got any pics or video of it?

convert file.mp4 font.bmp

This is a cool idea! I like the option to have a color display…as well as one which is smaller than the current mono-crome or dual color screens we use.

Have to use ffmpeg for video conversion to raw

I really should write a bat for this, but my laziness is such that it makes me take more time, lol

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OH, forgot to post this as requested.

I’m currently redoing all my tricorders, posting them up on my page as I get them done.

Wow! That looks really terrific! How did you make the button pads? Is the case 3D printed?

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that looks so well done it could be mistaken as a real thing!
very good work!
i like the interaction with the screen.
so the question is is how long did it take you to get the screen working with proffieboard?

wow. Really cool!

The casing is resin cast from Stapleton Productions. The buttons are regular momentary buttons through holes in the body under a vinyl/acetate layered decal.


It does not work with proffieboard yet. They are a different class of STM32 processor. I would need to get a hold of a 3.7 to see if I can adapt it to it. Need the multiple SPIs

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