Crazy idea of the day: Sound styles

So, In proffieOS, we generally have this rather simple flow of events:

inputs → prop → saberbase → outputs

I was thinking about how to implement multiple displays when I realized a I need some sort of a controller that translates events, like “saber turned on” into what to do, like “show out.bmp”. For blades, we already have this, and it’s called “styles”. In fact, I have also started implementing something like this for displays, although it’s not really all that useful yet. There is one output device that doesn’t have a something like a “style” though, which is sound.

If it did, than the event path would look like this:

inputs → prop → saberbase → styles → outputs

I’m not sure if we need that for sound, but sure would be nice if all events followed the same pattern, and it would open the door to customize sound in ways which would require us to rewrite hybrid_font.h otherwise.

I guess it also begs the question: What other output devices exist? IR? Serial?


What’s the dream idea/goal? Tunable sounds where you can adjust anything and everything (within a set limit so you don’t blow a speaker or the amp chip)?

@NoSloppy I’m disappointed you didn’t post a Memorex gif with couch guy holding a lightsaber. Please remedy that. :smiley:

Well the idea would be to pull out all the saber-sound stuff into one file (the controller) and have all the sound-playing logic in another file. Having it separated that way has some interesting advantages if we want to implement something that is not a saber. It also opens the possibility to have more than one audio output, although I’m not sure why we would want that unless it’s just “stereo”.

Like a Aliens motion tracker?