Crazy idea of the day: SmoothSwing web app

The idea is to do all the smoothswing computation in a web browser. (Using WebAudio)
Mouse movements would be used to simulate swings.
The engine could also be re-used to connect to a saber to webBLE and get the actual motion events from the saber, then it could be used for remote sound playback.

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Just out of curiosity, would this be implemented by syncing the saber through bluetooth?
Just wondering how you would transmit position and swing data for you to use this and produce the sounds to be played?
Also would this be affected by latency?

So, I think it would be useful to be able to upload a font and test it entirely without a saber. But a bluetoot-synced mode would be really cool too. I’m not sure how good/bad the latency would be, but at least in theory the BLE latency should be low enough to make this possible.

So if you loaded a font to the webaudio, would this have some sort of control through the mouse (scap that just saw the mouse comment above)or would you have a small demo of a lightsaber swinging around?

The bluetooth sync idea would be great for shows / filming too.

If this tied into the Style editor…so epic. It would need to be renamed to saber emulator, and would be the ultimate.

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