Crazy idea of the day - mister / humidifier in the emitter

So I was looking at some concepts online to draw inspiration for my next hilt design and i caught myself wondering…
How cool would it be to have the hilt emit “smoke” out of the emitter around the base of the blade?!

I have found these that look quite promising

I’ve been thinking that it would be cool to put something like this in a ghostbusters trap. :slight_smile: I worry about all the humidity not mixing well will elecronics though.


I don’t know what you mean… water and electricity are like best friends :rofl:

I was thinking that it could be put into a separate chamber and have the “mist / steam” ported through small holes right out of the end of the emitter. right at the point where the blade is inserted so it wouldn’t come into contact with anything electronic.
the chamber could contain a damp sponge for the mister with the electronic control module with the rest of the electronics.

just thought it might make it look more realistic for ignitions or post off retractions and possibly end melts…?

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If you used a tri-cree blade, you could possibly funnel the mist into the blade itself, which could look pretty cool. Tiny vent holes could then make the blade give off “smoke”. :slight_smile:

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now that tells me to definitely have a go at that.
i’m wondering if the tinny holes in the blade would also leave a smoke trail when you swing it?

I think you would need a pretty powerful smoke/mist generator for that to work.

that is very true, maybe i will stick to just misting round the emitter

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use the dry ice make “smoke” or Spitfire.

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That does look pretty good.
Nice find by the way.

Finally got round to putting together a quick test rig to see how good or bad these little ultra sonic misters are.
I have to say I’m quite impressed with the results. Although the video doesn’t really show the mist very well.

Next step is to design and print an attachment to port the mist.

I picked up 2 of them , and they’re sitting here after a 2 second test.
The only thing I would surmise is that attempting to redirect the mist is just going to cause collection on the surface of the thing it hits, and loss will occur. Maybe I’m wrong but try it!

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Yeah tried it and as you said it was a bit disappointing. it did exactly as you said (and i suspected the same) it just condensed in the chamber before coming out of the small port holes.
but sometime you just have to try these things and see what happens.

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