Crazy Idea of the day: Dynamic layers

So, it’s not really possible to make completely dynamic everything.
And big styles with a number of changeable variables are somewhat limited.
However, there may be a middle ground that can work very well: Dynamic Layers.

The idea is to have a parser for layers, similar to how we have a parser for styles today. Within this parser, you would register all the layers you need/want, and then you would be able to use the style editor or edit mode to build styles out of it.

Each layer would have variables as well, such as color, extend time, retract time, etc.

Editors could be made in different ways. A simple-to-use editor could make sure you have one layer of each type (clash, lockup, etc.) and have some pre-made selections for each layer.

A more complicated edtor could let you select each layer individually, and access all of the variables directly.

I think it would have a similar level of flexibility to the Fett263 style generator.

Time to start OS8…