Crazy idea of the day: Bluetooth buttons

So I’ve been dreaming about one day having a proper wireless proffieboard, but the question has always been: Ok, so if I had that, what would I do with it?

One thing that occurred to me today was to pair it with some sort of bluetooth controller. This would let you control things like sound playback, or trigger blaster blocks without pushing buttons. I’m thinking that it would be simpler and more subtle to do these things with your other hand, perhaps with something like this:


Instead of the IR sensor laser tag model, can that solve the blaster triggers blast on saber challenge?

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There are several unknowns, like:

  1. is it fast enough
  2. is it reliable enough
  3. What is the range

And then the whole issue of deciding how to use it.

I was thinking that a button like this could be used to activate auto-blaster mode, so that a blaster effect is activated each time you stop swinging for instance.

I figure something like this would be most useful when acting out a scene of some sort. You can have prepared “modes” for each part of the scene, and the buttons can be used to activate it, which is hopefully less fiddly than having to do it on the saber itself.