Crazy idea of the day: Blaster Style Editor?

Playing with blaster stuff lately, it would be way cool to have a blaster style editor page that had buttons for all the blaster stuff: Fire, Stun, Autofire, Reload etc…

Really crazy would be sectional style boxes that allowed for multiple styles on the same page, each targeting a different blade:
One for the muzzle,
one for the barrel,
maybe one for accent LEDs.

Unfortunately I’m not an HTML guy…

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Maybe we make the inhilt button into a drop down and have “blaster” be one of the other options?

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Sure, anything would be cool. I’m playing and making an autofire lockup now and it’s fine to translate from LOCKUP_NORMAL to AUTOFIRE as long as I remember to change it in the paste in the config.
But also needing to transmute EFFECT_FIRE and STUN into something temp like force and melt, just somewhat awkward.

Bump. Maybe during Style Editor update for OS 7?