Crazy idea: hide a large diameter speaker under your shirt

And send saber sounds to it wirelessly, so that you get more bass and better overall clarity. From a little ways away, it wouldn’t be obvious the sound is coming from tha bulging belly of yours, rather than your saber. Great for cosplays and folks with a hankering for large noisy belt buckles.

And for that matter, if you wanted to build a photo saber, you could use a little portable belt clip guitar amp, and just Jude a hard wired connection.

Both Plecter and Naigon used to have solutions for remote sound.
Personally I’m hoping that the new bluetooth standard that came out over a year ago will actually yield easy-to-use modules low-latency sound transmission modules, but it’s taking a lot longer than I think it should…

yeah I was wondering if better audio would ever be a thing in bluetooth. all my old devices like headsets and such don’t support good audio quality when in ‘phone’ mode, and even in dedicated headset mode there’s noticeable latency. Compared to the 2.4GHz transmitter dongles that some devices use, the old bt seems like a poor substitute.

Friends at work who usually know their stuff in this area tell me that the new low power bluetooth standard is a low bandwidth, high latency protocol unsuitable for audio streaming, and that the old BT audio is a sorry mess from a technical standpoint. On top of that, BT audio is a mine field of patents and royalties, with a complete lack of open source software.
Using WiFi to stream audio data is probably a better option with the current generation of small CPU boards.

Hmm, I’ll have to read up on I guess.
I’m a bluetooth SIG member, so I have access to all the documents.

There are solutions available today, but they have some problems…

One is AptX-LL, which is not only proprietary, but the aptx people will only certify products, not chips or modules. However, there are small transmitter modules that could be taken apart and used in a lightsaber. The good thing about aptx-ll is that it’s not hard to find a receiver that supports it, even if most bluetooth devices do not.

Then there are wireless guitar transmitters. I’m not sure what protocol they use, but they work. They transmit audio with low latency. Again, they aren’t sold as modules or chips, but it wouldn’t be hard to take one apart and put in a lightsaber. The output would be very low power though, so a preamp might be needed to hook it into a sound system.

Of course, there are lots of wireless microphone systems, and clearly they work because they are used all the time in concerts and other places. Protocols seem to be known, but proprietary. Also, it costs an arm and a leg, so buying one and taking it apart doesn’t seem to be a smart option.

As for using Wifi to transmit audio: That may be possible, but low latency is hard to achieve, and there are no standards for how to do it, so we would need to write special software for decoding the audio as well.

My current idea is to transmit the motions and events over BLE, then use WebBLE+WebAudio to play the sound from a browser… Should be entirely doable, I got as far as loading a font from a zip file, next step would be to write the code that actually plays the sounds. (Which is more complicated than it sounds because the sounds have to be mixed in the same way that ProffieOS does it, and then converted to the output frequency after that.)

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This is something you mentioned in Aug 2020. Extremely appealing!