Crazy feature inquiry -- metronome/clock

Hi there,

I’ve been thinking about some ways to implement some more musical fonts (one of my favorites is Proxima Centauri ) and one thing that came to my mind is whether a type of metronome/clock could be implemented to run in the background.

The metronome would have to have a user-defined beats per minute (BPM) so that it could fit a variety of different fonts or tracks. So why have a metronome? It would be cool to use that metronome to slightly delay user input (like blaster block or start of a track playback) to occur on those beats. You could then make blaster block, force effects, etc. that are musical accents to the main hum or a track. The user could sync the accents a make a type of musical “performance” out of their choreography without having to worry about trying to time their inputs to the exact moment – basically a little bit of wiggle room on the timing.

You could even use the clock/metronome to change an OLED from one image to another. I’ve also been skimming through your color display thread, which I find really interesting, and a clock could synergize well with that, too. Maybe other ways to implement timings that I’m not thinking of? Syncing with style changes or in addition to some of the “game” type styles?

Just curious on what you think feasibility could be, I’m happy to provide any further details or examples on what I’ve been imagining if it would help you conceptualize how it could work.

Cheers. :beer:

Transition Sound could accomplish, if you put it in a loop.