Countdown to ProffieOS6

Countdown to ProffieOS6 - Introducing “Style Options” and the new “Rotoscope” Style

I have two new pieces coming to ProffieOS6 and the OS6 library to show. This is my new “Rotoscope” style which is meant to mimic the Original Trilogy effect they used for lightsabers which combines a flicker with a subtle undulation of the blade’s power. I’ve built this version to use an AudioFlicker baseline so in addition to the motion of the effect the flickering intensity will be based on your specific font allowing this style to be used on different fonts and have a slightly different appearance on each based on the intensity of the hum and other sounds allowing it to mimic the font.
In addition, I’m using this style to introduce the new “Style Option” capability coming for OS6. “Style Options” allow you to build a single base effect with mutliple options that you can select so you can use once style in many different ways. In the case of this style, there are 4 “Style Options” built in:

  • Default(0): Base Color + 50% Base Color
  • 1: Base Color + Alt Color
  • 2: 50% Base Color + Base Color
  • 3: Alt Color + 50% Base Color
    By selecting a different “Style Option” either through Edit Mode or in you presets.ini you will be able to change how the colors are used in the style to create different versions for each preset. And since Base Color and Alt Color are individually editable through Edit Mode you can combine different colors for each preset and apply them differently using the “Style Option” of your choice.
    Note this is only one application of “Style Options” I have many more planned for the OS6 library to really let you take each style to the next level and give a single style endless uses. You will be able to set up “Style Options” to change speeds, intensity, color mixes, direction, and so much more that you’ll have exponential possibilities with each style.
    For more information on the lastest coming to ProffieOS6 and to keep track of the Countdown visit:
    Countdown to ProffieOS6

A lot more to come…


Question about the settings that can be edited in the new menu system…

I am guessing all of these parameters will be saved in a ini file on the SD like the volume etc currently. If that’s the case, will they have their own file, separate from volume?

I’m sure I’m not the only one who tinkers with things once the kids have gone to bed, so deleting the temp file would reset speaker volume. As it is currently. I can just delete curstate files, keep global, and any new bladestyles work without the speaker suddenly going max loudness.

All “edits” are saved to .ini files but it depends on what you’re editing, there are some new .ini files coming to OS6 and some existing will have new values included. It will all be in the documentation once finalized.
The .ini files will have added significance if you’re using Edit Mode so it will become more important to save backups outside your SD as deleting .ini files would erase any edits you made and return the board to the original uploaded config state, but it will all be covered once the documentation releases :wink:

Basically, I feel like volume should be its own ini so you can keep that maintained even if you want to reset everything else back to zero after flashing an update.

Probably better to wait and see everything coming to be honest. The goal with Edit Mode is to reduce the need to continuously flash the board for small changes, everything will be done via Edit Mode, the .ini files or WebUSB so flashing the board only becomes necessary for large changes/additions. So if you’re just making small adjustments you wouldn’t be reverting the volume anyway.

One of my concerns is that my Creepy Uncle isn’t able to press both POW and AUX at the same time since it’s on a rocker. If the combo to get into menu needs that, then it’s not possible.

Then you’ll probably want to wait for one of the one button props to adopt the menu system or build a custom prop file after the OS releases that can work for your specific saber.

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Just change your trigger for edit mode. Easy enough!

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Just to clarify, for the upcoming 0S6 there were talks of the function of “no repeat random”, meaning you wont get the same clash/blaster block in consecutive order if you played a bunch in a row.

Is this function still natively planned for OS6 release?

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yes, it is.

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We should now be able to use WebUSB to set all the edit mode arguments.

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No repeat random is available in os5. Just need to change 1 file

Countdown to ProffieOS6 - “Water Blade” Showing Off New Functions, Transitions & Style Modifiers

ProffieOS6 is going to introduce so many new style capabilities with all of the new functions, transitions and style modifier capabilities that I wanted to give a glimpse into the level of detail we’ll be able to put into styles.
This is a new “Water Blade” style that I put together to showcase some of what is now possible. The “water” on this blade will flow based on gravity and slope, when your blade is pointing straight up it will flow towards the hilt very fast but as you move the blade towards parallel it will slow and level off. Then if you point down the water will start to “pour” out of the hilt towards the ground picking up speed the further you tip it.
In addition, the ignition and retraction effects not only react to the angle of the blade with straight up or down being the fastest and parallel being the slowest but the direction of the transition will also follow gravity. If you’re pointing up the blade ignites from the tip to the hilt and retracts in the same direction but if you’re tipping down it will pour out from the hilt to the tip.
But to take it to another level the “water” flow also reacts to inertia, if you swing hard enough you can reverse the flow of water up the blade to fight gravity for a little while until gravity ultimately takes back over. The speed and amount of the flow up the blade fighting gravity will be based on how fast you swing the blade up, so really fast swings upward will let you reverse the flow for a longer period than slower swings. This also applies to the ignition effect, if you use Swing On and swing fast enough you can reverse the flow of water up the blade and have the ignition come from the hilt when pointing up.
Finally, I’ve added a new clash ripple effect that reacts to how hard the blade is clashed, with light hits producing a small quick ripple in the water and harder hits producing much larger ripples overs a bigger area for a longer time, the intensity of the ripples dissipate over time just like the surface of water adding another layer realism to the effect.
And this is only the “tip of the iceberg” of what’s possible. ProffieOS6 will take saber effects to a whole new level and make things possible nobody had considered before, just wait…


Water blade + freeze stab + Hoth font = Perfection


Is that the FX sabres font?

I’m a big fan of the one in the basic CFX package by Rob P. The wind and the occasional probe droid in the hum + ready-for-Tauntaun-insertion Luke saber sounds…

Pairing these kinds of atmospheric fonts with the feature stacked Fett263 styles is max sabertainment for me. Looking forward to his future collabs with Kyberphonic!

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Thanx for the heads up👍
So a collaboration is comming, should be truly awesome.
I wonder what they will cook up🤔

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Ha, well I’m not sure how it all works… but if you pair Fett263’s Hyperspace style with “Piece of Junk” by Kyberphonic, they are a matched pair. And there are others. Maybe they just inspire each other in a cycle? Ask them :slight_smile:

Not trying to speak for anyone. But I love it when a plan comes together. Feelin like we’re hijacking a bit let’s move this to another thread.

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The anticipation is killing me. Nice work! I appreciate all the hard work you guys have put into the new OS and HW. The combination is going to be a Wonderful Leap in to the next chapter of Soundboard/ Saber Technology.