Could we set SHARED_POWER_PINS based on blades[]?

Someone asked why it’s not defined by default, to which I replied about not wasting energy on an unused FET.
However, it sparks the question; could we check if PowerPINS are the same on different data pins, then define SHARED_POWER_PINS?

I don’t think it wastes any energy.
It does save a little bit of flash memory to not use it though.
But really, the reason SHARED_POWER_PINS isn’t on by default is because it started as a hack, and I wasn’t sure how well it was going to work.

Unfortunately, there is no way to enable/disable code based on inspecting the content of the blades array.

It would be possible to add some code that tells you if you should be using SHARED_POWER_PINS, but are not. (by generating an “error in blade array”) but that code would also take some memory, and it’s probably easier to just enable SHARED_POWER_PINS all the time.

Ah, because build vs runtime. Sure.

So the options are either add it to default defines in config generators,
remove conditions from blade_id.h and power_pin.h,
or do nothing and leave it as is.

I think what I want to do is to make it so that a bunch of smaller features defaults to on V3 boards where memory is less of an issue.