Cool connector

Found an interesting connector today:

Basically, takes about the same space as a solder connection, but requires no soldering, or even peeling the wire. You just insert the wire and push, done!

Interesting. The solid core requirement makes sense, but would limit it’s scope. The amperage rating though seems like it pretty well falls in line with just a straight solder connection… assuming it’s truthful.

I also wonder how they’d do given the fact that they seem to be purely surface mount… I’d imagine they’d need to take a reasonable amount of force to push the wire in.

Interesting. Same basic technology as crimp connectors like the RJ45 or lever wire connectors–just smaller. It would certainly make re-wiring easier.

I think this would be mostly useful for runs or mid-scale manufacturing.
If you’re making 100 identical sabers, using these things to speed up the process could save a lot of work.