Converting CFX OLED animated images to Proffieboard compatible format

As the title states, im looking for some guidance or resources that will help me convert some of these pre-built CFX oled images to a format that proffieos can recognize. My searches have not been fruitful. Has this been done before or will I be scratching the surface here? Any advice would be appreciated thank you

Ideally it should “just work”.
If it doesn’t, I suggest posting the image and maybe I can improve the ProffieOS image parser to handle it.

Hmm is that so? Maybe I’m just not doing it right at all….

I was getting an “error in font directory” when trying to use this particular animation:

I placed the file, as a bmp, named font.bmp, in the font directory’s (using the font krossgaard) root directory. maybe I should just stick it in there as a jpeg like it comes? From the wiki, it mentions it needs to be in bmp or pmsomerhing format. I used image magik to reformat it to bmp.

Interesting. Does the crystal focus support jpeg images directly?
ProffieOS does not at at this time, and jpeg is not a very good format for monochrome images.
I see no indication in he Crystal Focus 10 manual that JPEG images are supported.

They have a nice large library oled animations that I’m trying to utilize. You can find that below:

Downloading them directly with their download button downloads it as a jpeg. I wasn’t sure if they supported them or not, I’ve not used a CFX board before. I only assumed they would be in the proper format.

And yeah I agree with the jpeg thing, which is why I went down the path of converting it to a bmp but still getting the “error in font directory”.

That’s weird though, because “error in font directory” is purely a function of what file names are present in the font directory. It has nothing to do with the contents of those files.

What did you use to convert these files to bmp?
Did you save them as monochrome bmp files?

I went into image magik and saved the image as a bmp. I did attempt to use the conversion process outlined in the wiki but the monochrome switch gave me an invalid argument. I suppose I’ll give it another shot and see if I can convert it that way.

You might also want to check the serial monitor to see if it says anything interesting when it’s trying to load the image(s).

And I guess I should probably mention. The OLED screen does actually work, and the boot up gives a solid “ProffieOS 6.7” then it goes into the Battery meter animation… then goes dark until I do something. It will broadcast the name of the preset as well when changing presets.

On the SD card:

Root Dir>Krossguard>font.bmp

I did re-convert the image using paint into a monochrome bmp. Im still getting errors on the switch for -monochrome with imagemagik. Anyways, Using paint seemed to work fine, but the OLED image is still the battery so Im not sure what the deal is.

Hmm ok yeah let me give that a whirl.

In the serial monitor you can also use the effects command to make sure that the images file(s) were actually found. (If it didn’t find them, it obviously wont try to load them.)

hah was just coming back for this bit of info, because the monitor showed nothing. Give me one min.

Edit 1: Ok - I used the effects command, and got “Whut?: effects”.

Edit 2: I printed out the entire command list, and found that each and every command is giving me this error.

Edit 3: I did fix the “Error in font directory”, I guess I put the font.bmp in 2 places (whoops), removed the 2nd location and that fixed the error but the OLED still doesnt display the animation, just the battery.

When you save it out of MS paint, are you choosing Monochome format?

It does that when no font.bmp is present. That’s reading the “name” argument in quotes that is at the end of the preset.

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Ive been watching your video, im 8 minutes in, I think this topic is likely solved because of it. Im just a moron. Pretty sure I expected font.bmp to replace the battery and I just didnt realize it could be this granular. Im even more excited to customize it. I should have named it on.bmp now that I’ve seen your instruction - its all making more sense. after I finish your video I’ll be adding my changes and testing again. Thanks for your video seriously.

EDIT: Yep - its fixed, my stupidity that is. Thank you again.

idle.bmp will show instead of battery meter when the blade is off.
on.bmp will show when the blade is on.
font.bmp/pbm will show when changing presets.
coming soon

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I opted for the on.bmp, I like the battery actually, now that I know I can change the on animation and all the others.

In the bottom right of your serial monitor window, do you have “newline” ?

You need to upload with #define DISABLE_DIAGNOSTIC_COMMANDS not active in your config file.

This was the answer thank you. Forgot all about that.

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Just now reading up on some of these features after downloading your OLED BMP package from your link in the Proffie FB group. Is this a tentative OS6 update, or more likely OS7 do you think? I’m going to pre-emptively label some of the given animations as OUT and IN, just in case it’s sooner.