Continuous blade style for rings

I’m using a 20 led ring and want a totally circular style - no perceived start and stop point. This is the closest I’ve gotten, and with this one it’s got a visible stutter as it gets to the end of the blade and starts over. I can post video if needed.


I just want a circling light of one width or another to run in a circle, but damned if i can figure it out. Would love some help on this one.

Do you a link to the ring you’re using or a diagram, part number etc?

You can see the stutter here. I’m looking to make it just act like a seamless ring, not a straight blade.

The width of your LinearSectionF<> is the cause. It’s measured from the center of the shape so you need to apply an offset to the position when it’s starting and ending via the Saw<> function. What you’re seeing is the 2nd half of the shape remaining when you get to 32768 and then the 1st half of the shape appearing when you wrap to 0. You’ll have to apply a Scale<> to the Position to subtract approximately half of the shape’s width to 0 and add a similar amount from 32768 until the transition of the shape’s position is negligible (or maybe the inverse).

EDIT: although the more I think about it I think the “hiccup” will always exist because of the center position of the shape. Try a TransitionLoop with TrSparkX instead, in theory this wouldn’t have the same issue.

I understood about a quarter of that. What would that look like? I’m not sure how or where to add the scale. screwing around with the numbers i can get but I’m shaky with the actual use of the various modifiers.

I was amending my original thought… try this instead.

Sorry, forget both of those “ideas” I haven’t played with rings so I completely forgot but Fredrik already handled this, just use CircularSectionF<> instead of LinearSectionF<> and it will do what you want.

I’ll give that a try, thank you.

That looks better! Thanks again!

You’re welcome.