Constant BladeID Monitoring not working

Hi again.
Because I cannot replace the battery or restart, I decide to use bladeId constant monitoring.
Proffieboard V3.9
ProffieOS7 Github Master from 04/2024

“id” give me the correct values.
90k when connected, approx. 650k when not.
But I always have to do “scanid” over serial or do a restart/reboot after I add/remove/change a blade.

#define BLADE_ID_TIMES 5
#define ENABLE_POWER_FOR_ID PowerPINS< bladePowerPin2>

I read all of your fine manuals, but I cant find my mistake.
What can I do, to trigger a “scanid” ?
And why is constant monitoring not working ?

thx and have a nice weekend, not bothered with stupid questions.

Don’t use “id”, use “scanid”
“id” doesn’t check if the blade is on and whatnot, so it sometimes produces the wrong values. If I remember correctly, “id” has been removed from the latest github version since it just causes problems.

Is this the only power pin for your blade?

What does your blade array look like?

Problem is fixed, I updated to current github master.

BTW: I had to remove “quote” effect in current master, because it does not compile.
“Effect SFX_Quote is defined duplicate” or so.
Sorry did not save the compile output, just removed it and go on.

What prop are you using?

Yes, for now you’ll need to comment out the line


from the prop file until it’s updated.

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