Considering buying a new camera

I’m very very tempted to buy the new Sony Alpha 1:

Part of the reason I want it is because it supports filming in HDR, which means we may finally be able to capture what our lightsabers actually look like on video!


I grabbed a $17 clip on variable ND filter for my phone ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Wow that’s a big chunk of change on that. My car is no where near that price tag🤣.
It would be nice to have better definition on the videos but at that price though…
Would the HDR be able to cope with such an intense light source?
Would a polarized lens work for this on another camera?
Just throwing mud at the wall…:yum:

Well I did buy it.
Will post some samples later. :slight_smile:

As for using filters to manage bright lights: That will make everything dark. The point of HDR is to capture both regular brightness. dark areas and high brightness at the same time.

Would it be worthwhile recording a sample on the new camera and the old one next to it for a direct comparison?
Not hugely into camera tech so dont know what they can do at the mo.
But would be interesting to see how much it improves your videos.