Confused over adding styles OS6

Hi there,
Im having trouble understanding adding new bladestyles and how this relates to the ini files, can i add a new style using arduino without losing all the settings ive changed using the workbench and/or edit mode?
Please help🤔

Technically you can, but it will require you to use #define KEEP_SAVEFILES_WHEN_PROGRAMMING and manually update the presets.ini file to match the new config, which is a bit more advanced.

You’ll need to read these articles and be mindful of the warnings and caveats covered in each.

If you’re not comfortable with above you may find it easier to save a copy of the presets.ini to your computer and delete the one on your SD. Then upload config, with KEEP_SAVEFILES_WHEN_PROGRAMMING defined and go into Edit Mode. This will generate a new presets.ini file.
Then you’ll need to copy the saved settings in the old presets.ini to the new presets.ini file on the SD. This will restore your previously saved colors and settings.
You’ll still need to be mindful of all warnings but it will help add the preset information for presets you’ve added, assuming they are AFTER the existing ones. If you added or changed styles among those that existed it will make it a lot more complicated.

Thanks! Ive got alot to learn about OS6 you are a great help😎

It worked perfectly just had to select new style in edit mode