Confirm config.ini setting parameter

in the wiki for config.ini > ProffieOSSmoothSwingDucking:

# How much to duck the hum when the swing is playing.                        
# Defaults to 0.2 (hum volume is decreased by 20% of swing volume)      

However i have files in my sabers that state in this file that:

# semi-new, reintroduced to deal with fonts that have loud or bass-heavy
# accent swings. This parameter controls how much the volume of smooth
# swing pairs are reduced when an accent swing is playing.
# Values range from 0.0 to 1.0, with 0 meaning no reduction, and 1
# meaning that when the accent swing is at peak volume, the
# smooth swing pairs are totally muted

Can someone confirm that this setting is ducking the HUM.wav, or is ducking the Smoothswing.wav file?

Also, can someone confirm if ProffieOSStabAccelerationThreshold is still a thing? I dont see it in the WIKI anymore for config.ini settings.

ProffieOSSmoothSwingDucking seems to be badly named. It ducks the hum when an (accent) swing/slash is playing.

There is another variable in smoothsw.ini that controls hum ducking based on the swingl/swingh volume: MaximumHumDucking

ProffieOSStabAccelerationThreshold is not a thing. Did you mean ProffieOSSlashAccelerationThreshold?

Thank you for confirming!
Regarding ProffieOSStabAccelerationThreshold, i have it in my config file and states:

# StabAccelerationThreshold is the G force required to trigger a stab
# event.  Stab events only happen if the saber is NOT swinging but
# moved forward in a stabbing motion and the acceleration is greater
# than the threshold.  Default is 3.0 G.  Lower values mean less
# force is required to trigger a stab event, higher values mean more
# force.  NOTE: This applies to Plecter and smooth swing fonts


Not sure where it came from, which is why I question it if it is an actual real parameter (cause it even states for Plecter, which is CFX), …or just a bad piece of notes in my config.ini from someone

I suppose it may exist in some fork somewhere?

Sa22c fork when stab was first introduced and was g-force based.

“…was first introduced and was g-forced based.”

So I take it because of so many “was”…this is no longer a thing anymore and the current stab has been built upon new/different logic and parameters?

The new version would be thrust, and stab being thrust followed by an impact.
My rudimentary understanding would be that it senses positional acceleration in one plane relative to the board and determines if the saber is thrusting.

Stab is just a clash in the blade direction.

So its safe to remove the


from the config.ini file…yeah?

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I tried .5 when I usually run at .2. The smoothswing was noticibly ducked when the accent played (like too much.) But the code does involve mixhum, so i’m confused.
I’ll test again.
HumDucking is indeed ducking the hum to make way for the smoothswings.

Turns out that I read the code wrong.
This variable is used in a calculation in hybrid_font, but the value is actually ignored in hybrid font. And as you point out, it is used in smoothswing, where the return value is used to control the volume of both the combined hum (hum, swingl and swingh).

Cool. So maybe it could be this then?

# This is used to control the volume of the combined hum and smoothswings
# when an accent swing plays.                       
# Defaults to 0.2 (volume is decreased by 20% of swing volume)    

(Looks Good To Me)