"configurator" page feature

I would think having SubBlade configurations as an option when generating wiring diagrams and config files would be an awesome addition.
I’ve found the pixel offset and syntax throws some users off.
In all your spare time of course ! :slight_smile:

While it’s not a bad idea, I think it might increase the complexity of the configurator a fair amount.

Maybe I just whip up a standalone script that asks for the # of LEDs per blade etc… and generates a BladeConfig.

If I limit it to a small number of common places where people might use a subblade, then maybe it would be manageable. It wouldn’t be a generic make-any-kind-of-subblade configurator, but at least it could show some examples that would help people figure it out.

Question is: What are the most common uses of subblades?

I would venture to say something like:
data1 → Crystal LED(s) → PCB w/LEDs → Main blade

That’s not a recommended configuration though, as it doesn’t support blade ID.

Not untrue.

At minimal, maybe multi-LED crystal chambers (top and bottom) ?

Speaking of “not untrue” , off topic… what is the advantage of a double bang as in check_postoff_ = !!SFX_pstoff;
Isn’t that just true?

Maybe I should make a different thread so others can learn as well

In C++, most non-zero values are counted as “true”.
So 5 is true for instance, as well as a non-null pointer.
Putting !! in front of it turns it into a “bool”, which must have the value true or false, nothing else.
So, you can say that it’s an idiom for converting something to a bool.
In this particular case, SFX_pstoff is an object with an operator bool() function. Putting !! in front of it it is essentially just a way to call that function.

Cool, thanks!

@NoSloppy Thanks for bringing this topic up. With some of us building smuggler cases, shelves, and saber benches using our hilts as the plug-in to power them this will be a useful option.

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