Config not flashing correctly? OS6

In my config file, I switched around a few fonts and styles, and I’m experiencing two problems with them

  1. I outright removed the OMEN sound font from the config and replaced it with a kyberphonic font. When I installed the edited config to my saber my new font wasn’t on there but the Omen one was. even though it’s not on the config file anymore. I thought maybe I just forgot so I removed the sound files from my sd card and double-checked to make sure I didn’t leave the omen font in the config and it was nowhere to be seen. fired it up and it’s still saying it’s there just that the sound files are missing. all while the font I actually put in isn’t showing up anywhere

  2. When copying blade styles from the Proffie OS6 library some of the fonts have little things wrong with them (spark tip ignitions being red when it should be white, blaster effects not registering on some fonts). any help would be greatly appreciated!

Config v

Issue 1. Can you use the webusb to see if the omen is in the presets. You have the save define enabled which means if the preset was modified by the edit mode then it retains.

It is in the presets. do i just remove it?

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See here