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hey, i was wondering, how do i make it to where it does the soundbank?"
like whenever you press the button it says “soundbank selection” and plays the boot sound of every font, and then you can select it and it plays the boot

right now i just have a aux button that whenever i press it, it just switches to a different font and you dont have to manually select it, it just plays the “font” sound and not the boot sound.

I know its only cfx, got told by people on reddit, i just wonder if there is any way to make it simular to it?

thanks, any help is appreciated

Do you mean Scroll Presets menu? That’s available in my prop for OS6 or later. Just read through set up instructions and controls on the below page.

The current Voice Prompts will say “Select Preset” but you can make your own sound file to say whatever you want, just name it “mpreset.wav” and add to the common folder on your SD (make sure you set up common correctly per Set Up Instructions).

It will always play “font.wav” as this is what identifies the current active font/preset combo for Proffieboard. “boot.wav” only plays when power is first applied and the board “boots” up. If you want to swap the sounds just rename your “boot.wav” to “font.wav” in your font :wink:

I was so enamored of CFX that I wanted that, too, for a while thanks to Lando Saber’s first video. Lol

After owning a both a CFX and a proffie, though, it just seems like a big pain in the butt and time waster when you’re switching fonts. I do however have the CFX boot sound on a couple of font01s on my proffie just so I can hear that sound, though, I’ll admit.

The font01 that plays when you switch fonts can be set up to make whatever sound you want, even adding the CFX “Sound bank selection” and the background music. You just have to learn to manipulate sound files. Audacity is pretty easy to use and your best bet. I’d be glad to show you how if you needed it.

Just don’t do that if front of proffie guys, or you might get ribbed a bit. Lol

AFAIK, there is no prop that behaves exactly like this today.
Fett263s edit mode let’s you change your presets on the fly (selecting a different font for an existing preset, or create a new preset) but I’m not sure that’s what you want.

Since ProffieOS is open-source, you could always create a prop that works the way you want to, but it will require some actual programming to do so.

I should perhaps also point out that I don’t have any CFX boards, so I don’t really know how this works on CFX, I’m just going by your description.

“Select Presets” is built into my prop, it’s not part of Edit Mode, instead it uses a dial menu to scroll through all presets as an option beginning in OS6 (it’s available on 1 button or 2 buttons with different controls for each).

Here’s the original POC video to show. The difference in the final version is it now uses the Voice Prompt mpreset.wav instead of font.wav when first entering.

It’s demoed here at the 2:25 mark as well for 2 button controls:

For OS7 I’ve expanded on the feature and enabled “Quick Select” which will let you rotate to a preset and then immediately select and ignite with one button press instead of first selecting and then igniting as 2 steps.


I know about the thing where you can twist th hilt and it’ll go through presents, I was just wondering if there was a way to make it similar to the way CFX does it, where it plays the boot and then you have to select it.

I think the Sabertrio button prop did/does that.

Read my first reply :wink:

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