Config for 1 pixel adding for crystal chamber](#ifdef CONFIG_TOP#include "proffieboard_v2_config.h"#define NUM_BLADES 3#d -

Will this work for a 3 blade setup. The main blade, 5 pixle pcb, 1 pixle for crystal chamber? The 1 pixle for crystal chamber wouldnt light up this way.
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Depends how it’s wired, if the crystal is wired to data 4 and LED 6 it should work unless there’s an issue with the pixel itself.

Ya that’s what I got here. I have the pixel wired on the in side. Not sure how to test it I have the resistor on the data provided by the supplier. Thank you.

You can test the power and the data to the pixel to see if the are working correctly.

relevant pod pages:

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I used a multimeter set on a/c. Ground to the data nothing on my data 4 pad while on. That is hooked up to the crystal. Checked my other data 1 pad that runs the blade on runs 4 volts . So it’s probably the config file ?

So, it could be that Data4 has been fried. You might want to try changing the wire to Data3 and then change the config file accordingly.