Conan the Barbarian (free soundfont)

My all-time favorite movie. Too bad they never made a sequel.


Thanks to @profezzorn and @Fett263 for the help in getting it like I wanted.

Note: very quote-heavy/cinematic-y font. @MeatySmurf would not approve.

Conan demo

DL link to Google Drive:

Conan DL


Was Conan the Destroyer that bad that you don’t acknowledge it as a sequel? :laughing:

Conan the Destroyer? That sounds like a cool concept.

*yes, that bad. Lol

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You know I was just thinking of watching Red Sonja this week right?
Gonna watch this first though.


A trashy sequel is like desert from a gas station. Loved it when I was a kid, and now love it as nostalgia.

I have no problem hate-watching it, but not once have I seen it and not felt sad for what could have been. Lol

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