Computer not identifying proffieboard

Hello all,

First time lightsaber owner and first time poster here. I’ve been following videos and fetts guide on how to setup and config my new proffie to put some sound fonts on (greyscale if that really matters) but have run into an issue. I’m trying to zadig so I can flash my board, but when I plug the USB with the core connected (no battery, just board and sd card) with my data cable nothing happens on the PC side of things. I don’t get the notification that a device was connected, I can’t find any unknown USB devices on my device settings, zadig can’t find any of the weird proffie names at all, and arduino only shows com1 in the ports. The lightsaber does get power though, and will make either a Kylo Ren font sound or a “font directory not found” sound, 50/50 which one but always one of those two.

I’ ve tried another cable and different USB ports, the cable is for sure a charging/data cable, and if I plug my phone into it the computer rings at me that the phone was connected so I think it shouldn’t be a cable problem. I’ve tried holding the boot button and pressing/releasing the reset button but that doesn’t appear to ever do anything. I’ve also tried holding the boot button with it unplugged from the PC and then plugging it in as I’ve seen people recommend that too. There’s nothing left I can think of to find the damn thing, but other than that I think everything else is good to go. The SD card has the fonts on it and the config test checked out on arduino so I just need to find a way to connect the board so I can zadig it and put the new fonts on I believe.

Would love any input, I’m a lost little padawan here at this point

Most likely, you still need to try a different cable. There has been users who haven’t had success until their fifth cable.

If that’s not the problem, make sure you’re using the right way to see if the board is detected on hyour computer or not:

Are you connecting directly to the board, does your saber have a charge circuit of some sort in between the board and the usb cable?

Also, zadig doesn’t do anything to your board, it just tells your computer which driver to use when talking to the bootloader on the board.