Common Folder?

So I’ve seen with Fett’s new config file there’s a ;common added to the directories of fonts in the config file, and from what I gather this is exactly what it would sound like, a common repository of files that every font can use. My question is, can I use something like this without Fett’s prop? Can I use it with any file? To explain my use case, I want all of my fonts to have the same idle.bmp, on.bmp, and boot.bmp, and copying or deleting a file in every single directory every time I want to make a change is incredibly tedious.

Yes. The font path is a list of directories separated by semicolons. This functionality was added in ProffieOS 4.x, so it’s not really anything new. We’re just using it more now.

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Got it, thanks!

So i thought i followed all of the ‘common’ folder needs, but its still not reading it i cant figure it out !! is there a video or a setup i can visualize to see what I’m missing??

Simply put, a folder named ‘common’ goes right on the root level of your SD card next to to all your fonts, not inside a font or in any sub-folder.
In the preset in your config, the font search path gets that folder appended to it, so:
{ "Font;common", ........
That’s really it.