Colourchange after 7 Clashes -Duell-Style


I`ve got the Idea after watching all this new interactive gaming-bladestyle-possibilities.

Would be awesome for practising people, when their colour switsch after an amount of clashes.

So one starts with red and one with blue.
Red is always attacker while blue defending.

After certain amount of clashes - rolechange = colourchange… automatic ofcourse.

i guess its not too complicated with all the new features of OS7.

But i wouldn`t even know where to start and which formula in the bladestyle handle this. Initailly the SoulGem-Bladestyle inspired me. Any hints are thankfull appregiated.

Totally doable with the new OS7 capabilities, the “how” really depends on a bunch of factors as there’s multiple ways to do. As we move through Alpha testing I’ll be putting documentation and test styles together and begin working on the library to help give “roadmaps” to the more advanced style building like this.

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maybe something like?

    Divide<EffectIncrementF<EFFECT_CLASH,Int<14>>, Int<7>>,
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