Color wheel not working with new styles

Hi there, I am brand new to modifying my config files and have finally come to the point to where I can add a style and upload it successfully, but I know I am missing a great deal of knowledge on how they behave.

I have an 89Sabers Obi3.5 with Proffieboard 2.2 which is great, but none of the default styles have the flicker I’m looking for. So I’ve added Fett’s Audio Rotoscope - Sequels (as the top style in the config). It will upload, but the color wheel isn’t working like it does with the default basic solid color styles, with the rotational gradient. It will just skip between a few solid colors.

Is there something I need to select in the options of the style library? Or do I need to manually edit the code in the config? Thanks so much if anyone has advice!

Here’s the pastebin link

That means your style is built for Color Editing. Color Editing is a very different mechanism than the older ColorWheel.

With Color Editing styles you rotate to a base starting color from the ColorList, then hold PWR to dial in further using ColorZoom to get to the exact color you want. Release PWR to save selected color.

Color Editing gives a lot more control and works with Edit Mode, ProffieOS Workbench and Style Arguments and enables individual editing of the different color arguments.

Refer to the controls for ColorChange using my prop.

More information here:

I see, thank you so much, this was acting as a roadblock for my understanding of styles. I notice I’m not getting the sounds with the color menu, do I need to add them to a common folder on my SD card? I’ve got a lot more reading to do and videos to watch! Thank you again, you’re amazing!

I found your page and some comments you made on setting up the “common” stuff :+1:

You’re welcome, refer to the page I linked above for required set up, defines, etc.