COB LED Strips

I remember seeing a few threads about a year ago where people were discussing the possibilities of using the new COB high-density LED strips.

I’m thinking about buying some strips, and before investing wanted to see if anyone had any experience with them.

These are the ones I’m looking at:
WS2812B 332Chips/m Highest Density Addressable RGB COB LED Light

Rated at 32 W/m gives about 6.4 A/m…but it’s not clear if that rating is for a single color, or white.

Also, I found these that have a lower density and power consumption:
5V 576Chips/m 8mm Color Changing COB RGB LED Strip Lights

These are only 14 W/m, which is 2.8 A/m…again, not clear if that rating is single color or white.

They’re not exactly cheap, so I wanted to see if anyone had any feedback regarding brightness, current draw, or other features before buying. If not, I’ll probably get them and run some tests to share the information here.

I too wanted to have a try with some of these, but i had one hesitation with them and that was the amount of amps they draw.
Thinking back i believe it was in the region of 12-15amps depending on the vendor.
The newer strips might be better as i have not looked for some time now.

Yesterday I ordered three of the following strips:

The documentation is shit as per usual but QuinLED recently reviewed the series:
:bulb:QuinLED​:bulb:New COB style addressable LED strip (

From his measurements I understand that there can be as much as a 40% difference in power consumption. I might do some testing when I get mine and compare them to a 144 l/m SMD5050 RGB strip. If I find the time I’ll try to gather luminosity and current data for the full range of brightness.

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My review: Review of 240LED/m RGB COB WS2812B strips - Build threads - The Crucible (