Coaxial Pogo Pin Connectors

So I came across a new thing. Coaxial pogo pin connectors, ostensibly intended for high frequency applications. See page 24 of this document. They look like this:

I’d like to try this out for an external bluetooth antenna, or other applications, but I can’t find this particular company at mouser where I normally shop, nor can I find any similar products. Have you guys seen these things before? Do they have a specific name, that I could search for that might yield better results?

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can’t find them elsewhere at the moment, no. Nor do I see how to get them from CCP directly.
Of note, these could be really useful for Blade Detect stuff:

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Very interesting stuff, but parts that can’t be found are difficult to use… :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m not sure how those are supposed to work. Wasn’t clear to me what part carries the signal, or what’s going on mechanically.

It looks like it’s just what it says. A center pin and a shroud, isolated. So you have 2 paths.

Made a little more sense after I stared at it for a while.