Clash and Force triggers simultaneously while waving my saber

Hi everyone, can you guys help me with this?

I’m on OS7.12 proffieboard 2.2

Sometimes when I wave my saber around on battle mode, the clash and force effects trigger at the same time.
My gesture force push is disabled on my config files as well so I’m not sure why force is triggering.

On the video, I removed the pommel to eliminate the possibility of it being caused by the speaker vibrations.

When not in battle mode, It only triggers a normal clash when it happens.

On the serial monitor, this is what it showed:

EVENT: Push ON millis=175886
unit = 1 vol = 0.50, Playing 00Ani3/force/force3.wav
channels: 1 rate: 44100 bits: 16
unit = 4 vol = 0.50, Playing 00Ani3/clsh/clsh11.wav
channels: 1 rate: 44100 bits: 16

I understand that perhaps my clash threshold is set too low? but I don’t get why force is triggering as well.

oh, and I apologize for deleting and recreating this topic. My message and uploads didn’t show up correctly and I couldn’t see an edit button.
aesir_config.h (159.2 KB)

Ah, so thats why I couldn’t edit a post. I was granted basic permissions just now haha.

This means Force Push is active. Since you have Edit Mode go into Control Settings and disable Force Push just to be sure it wasn’t turned on.

You can also add this define to make it much harder to trigger force push. 8 ~ 10 is typically very hard to trigger.


Thanks, the gesture force push effect definitely went away but the clash still triggered when I disabled the force push in the control settings.

And It’s great that I still can use force push when I hold and release the button when the saber is on, so it only happens when I want it to.

perhaps now I just have to find my right amount of clash threshold next.

I tried


and tried 20 as well but it still triggered both the force and clash when using this.
(edit: realized that 10 is the max value in the config helper)

Is there perhaps a define that disables gesture force push similar to what you had me do in the control settings?

Not sure what you’re asking, technically Force Push has to be enabled but if you had it enabled in the past then you disable in Control Settings.

Clash is completely separate, if you’re getting false clashes you would increase your CLASH_THRESHOLD_G.

I tried clash threshold 16 and while it definitely had an effect as it was harder to trigger the volume menu, the whole force/clash simultaneous problem still happens even when waving gently.

I can live with the occasional clash with the edit mode workaround you’ve helped me with.

Thank you very much for assisting me!

If you’re still getting false clashes at 16 you have something else going on. Search for false clashes, there’s multiple defines to adjust to dial it in.

For most sabers 3 or 4 should be sufficient. But issues with chassis vibrations or speaker location can affect.